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Vivitar | USB Condenser Mic with Stand VIVMIC918-NOC

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Simple and easy-to-operate condenser microphone uses USB cable transmission technology. Safe and stable transmission allows for high-quality recording through your computer's USB port. Perfect for various audio recording such as podcasting, video voice-over, live streaming, gaming, chatting, musical recording, vocal singing, and more.

Just plug and play, no installation required. Stable pick-up and performance ensure good directivity. Volume is adjustable with the easy to use knob-type adjustment. Microphone is easy to setup and adjust on the stand. Rotating shaft ring allows you to affix microphone in multiple angles for a setup that best suits your needs.


High-quality condenser mic plugs into your computer's USB port

Built-in volume control on the side of the mic makes it easy to get the perfect level - no fumbling with software input controls

Comes with tilting tripod stand that lets you adjust the mic's angle for the optimal performance

Durable metal construction for years of trouble-free use

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