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Monoprice | PTZ Conference Camera, Pan and Tilt with Remote, 1080p Webcam, USB 2.0, 3x Optical Zoom

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This Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Conferencing Camera is designed for video conferencing in medium-sized conference rooms and is perfect for meetings with 6-10 participants. It works with computer-based video-conferencing apps and cloud services and is designed to be easy to install and use for web meetings.

This camera is easy to setup for use with computers. It uses a standard USB 2.0 connection, so it readily works with most laptops and desktops. There is only one cable to plug in. No separate power, video, or control cables are needed. It is plug and play, so no separate drivers are needed for Windows®, Mac® OS X®, Chrome OS™, and Linux®. Just enable the camera through your operating system or conferencing app to use.

The camera's video capabilities are specifically designed for meetings, with an 84 degree field of view. The motorized pan, zoom, and tilt functions allow it to zoom in or out when needed with the touch of a button on the remote control. The 1/2.9" Sony® CMOS sensor is spec'd to use ambient office lighting, while the 1080p HD video resolution balances HD video quality with data bandwidth requirements.

The included remote control provides easy control for pan, tilt, and zoom movements and allows for presets to be saved to automatically zoom in to predetermined points in the meeting room.

This PTZ camera comes with mounting hardware so it can be easily installed on meeting room walls next to a TV or monitor. A 16.4 foot USB cable is included and can be actively extended using Monoprice Active USB 2.0 Extension Cables (sold separately).


  • Designed for mid-sized team and meeting rooms
  • USB 2.0 connection for power, video, and audio
  • No drivers required for Windows®, Mac® OS X®, Chrome OS™, or Linux®
  • Use with popular internet-based video conferencing software
  • Video optimized for web meetings
  • Includes a wireless remote control for PTZ control, with the ability to save preset angles and zooms
  • Mounting hardware included

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